About us

Vine is a consultancy that is passionate about equipping businesses with the strategy, actionable plan, services and resources needed to grow their business.​

Owned and founded by Michelle Stevens, the business was started out of a passion to offer businesses holistic, strategic, creative and ROI focused marketing and communications solutions based on their unique needs.

Having worked across multiple disciplines such as brand development, marketing, social media, public relations, and internal communications, Michelle developed a passion for creating plans and solutions that are strategic, wholistic and results-driven as opposed to action for action’s sake.

Michelle has also had the privilege of having worked in agencies and directly for the client alongside numerous agencies. This experience allowed her the opportunity to experience the strengths, pitfalls and client frustrations of the various business structures and service offerings and informed the way Vine has been structured and operates. 

Michelle Stevens, Owner of Vine

What do we stand for?

Since a large part of our lives is spent working, it is important to us that our values play a role in the work that we do.

Customer Satisfaction

Here are some of our key values:

  • We believe that all the people we work with are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We endeavour to never lose sight of the importance of each business that we partner with and what that organization means to the community around it. A passion for your success is central to our core motivation.
  • Time is a valuable resource. We strive to use your and our time wisely and as such make sure that we are constantly building towards a wonderful present and future for all of the stakeholders within our community.
  • It is important to us that we leave our clients feeling excited about their business and empowered to tackle their journey towards a successful business.


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